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Teflon cookware (PTFE) PTFE is the “classic” nonstick material made famous by the brand Teflon. While it is very arguably on average more durable than ceramic at the moment, some are concerned about its safety. When overheated, PTFE coatings can break down and release toxic

Xtrema ceramic cookware is a stainless steel cookware alternative you can feel good about. It also won’t carry over flavors from previous meals you’ve made or leave behind residue that can be tough to clean from other types of cookware. Jump to Is Stainless Steel

In the end, when considering Ceramic coated cookware, the choice is really more about being environmentally safer and healthier (at higher temperatures), rather than choosing a better non-stick pan. If you want great non-stick, nothing comes close to a good quality ‘Teflon ®’ i.e. PTFE